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Series 4, Episode 8: A Little Seed



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music shares a lovely little springtime poem and finger-play that teaches the process of a seed’s transformation into a flower. Children are encouraged to move their hands and fingers to represent each line of the verse. This is a great activity to encourage the development of fine motor skills.

The poem is called "A Little Seed" (sometimes referred to as "May Time Magic") and is by children's author, Mabel Watts. It reads like this:

A little seed for me to sow.
A little earth so it can grow.
A little hole. A little pat.
A little wish and that is that.
A little sun.
A little shower.
A little while ...
And then, a flower!

Series 4, Episode 7: Making Music With Household Items - Jars!



In this video, Anne shows you how you can use jars filled with varying levels of water and a spoon to explore important contrasts in music, such as "play and stop", "soft and loud" and "slow and fast".

If you're interested in more fun instrument ideas, you can grab your FREE cheat sheet "Five Ways To Make Music With Your Pre-Schooler Using General Household Items" here: https://www.subscribepage.com/d3c2e9 .

Happy music making!

Series 4, Episode 6: Open Shut Them (and Stand Up Sit Down)



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music shares the old favourite - "Open Shut Them" - followed by a new variation of this song, called "Stand Up Sit Down".

We can use music and musical activities to work on both fine and gross motor skills with our little children.

“Open Shut Them” is a classic action song, focusing on developing children’s fine motor skills – the small movements that occur in the wrists, hands and fingers. Fine motor skills include activities like drawing, eating, cutting with scissors, turning pages, buttoning clothing and holding small items.

"Stand Up Sit Down" uses the same melody, but focuses on gross motor skills – movement of the large muscles of the arms, legs and torso. Gross motor skills include activities like walking, running, jumping, climbing, spinning etc.

Series 4, Episode 5: Have You Got Your Singing Voice?



Anne Belcher from Branch Into Music and her best friend, Rainbow Fluff, love to sing! Today they explore lots of weird and wonderful ways to use their voices. "Have You Got Your Singing Voice" is one of Anne's most requested songs when she works with children in kindergartens and other early years learning and care settings.